Autism, Embracing Neurodiversity

A series of videos on autism with Group M

A few months ago I was put in touch with  Amy Walker of Group M, who is herself autistic and was looking for people to take part in a video interview to help raise awareness of autism across her workplace.

That video turned into 3, and I am pleased to say that they are available outside of Group M. Through the three videos we talk about everything from when we first suspected we were diagnosed, to our thoughts about interviews and the benefit of autistic thinking.

For me this was a wonderful example of bring awareness of autism and neurodiversity into the workplace. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching the answers of Ian, Ellie and Jasmine who were my fellow interviewees.

With a motto of ALL MEANS ALL, I want to congratulate Amy and GroupM for this great initiative. I you want to know more about what they are doing you can find them on  Twitter,  Instagram and LinkedIn

I hope you enjoy the videos as much as I have.  

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About Helen Needham

Helen is the originator and founder of Me.Decoded. A passionate advocate for Neurodiversity, - diagnosed as autistic in her 40's after a lifetime of feeling like she was on the outside looking in.
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