Me.Decoded Contributors Guide

If you are interested in sharing your story on Me.Decoded or becoming a regular contributor, I would love to hear from you. You don't need to be Neurodivergent, allies and champions are also welcome.

My Welcome Post provides some insight into what Me.Decoded is all about, what I hope it will become, and why I believe Neurodiversity is important.

There are three ways to share your story:

  1. A Q&A (over email/ FB messenger/ Twitter DM) where I send you questions to answer
  2. A one off story, written by you and posted
  3. Regular constributions, where you regularly contribute to the site about your own experiences and thoughts on topics linked to achieving wider adoption of Neurodiversity

If you wish to write and submit your own story, I have included some additional insights on what I want Me.Decoded to be, and guidelines for submitting posts.

If you have any questions, then please email me.

Submitting posts

The best way to submit posts are by email

There is a 3 step process:

  1. Agree the topic and intent of the post with me. See guidelines below.
  2. Submit your blog post and picture(s), unless you want me to use stock images
  3. I will then review the post, and inform you of when the post is due to be posted

If you wish to become a regular contributor, then please also send me:

  • a photo for your bio
  • a short bio profile (200 characters)
  • a link to your website and social media account (if relevant)

If you wish to blog anonymously then that is ok, just let me know that and I will post it as an anonymous post. Remember, I can also do interviews if you are not sure about writing your own post.

Post topics

Below are some stories that I would love to see, however I am open to others ideas as long as they are aligned to the the vison for Me.Decoded.

Neurodivergent Individuals

  • My personal story - experiences with education and employment
  • What I want you to know about me
  • The unique strengths and skills I have to offer
  • The impact receiving the right support had on me
  • Why Neurodiversity is important to me
  • Challenges in the workplace, and the changes I wish to see
  • The strategies I use at school and/ or work and / or life
  • What a Neurodiverse world would look like for me
  • The importance of reasonable adjustments

Advocates / Allies

  • Tips for Neurodiversity
  • Neurodiversity friendly recruitment
  • Why Neurodiversity needs to start in schools
  • Neurodiversity coaching for interviewing and employment
  • The importance of neurodiverity specialist job coaching
  • The price of not embracing Neurodiversity
  • Key considerations for establishing Neurodiversity within organisations
  • Organisational changes required for Neurodiversity
  • Supporting Neurodivergent individuals at school / in the workplace

Post guidlines

I want to keep rules to a minimum, but I believe a few are needed to ensure that Me.Decoded is viewed as a place for positive change.

  • Ideally posts should be 800-1500 words in length. Too much longer, and posts tend to loose their impact.
  • Be considerate of the Neurodivergent community. Think about how your post will resonate with them.
  • Please be respectful. If talking about challenges or shortcomings, I believe that this can be done with respect.
  • I love facts, but any stated facts need to include cited sources.
  • If including other people in your story, make sure that they know and are happy to be included. I'd hate to publish something that someone else doesn't want made public.
  • We all have people who have caused us pain, however I don't believe attacking people in a public post is the best way to work through that. Personal attacks on others, no matter how valid, will not be accepted
  • No posts advertising products or services will be accepted. Advertisments are not stories. I am happy to have thought pieces from companies, as long as they are relevant to building Neurodiversity

PS. I am new to this guidelines business, so let me know if you think something needs to be ammended or added!

I look forward to receiving your contribution.

Thank you,