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Helen Needham

Helen is the originator and founder of Me.Decoded. A passionate advocate for Neurodiversity, - diagnosed as autistic in her 40's after a lifetime of feeling like she was on the outside looking in.
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Neurodivergent Thinkers

Could this be you? If so, contact me.
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Lisa Ventura

Lisa is a writer, blogger/influencer & public speaker. Founder of Venture Content Marketing, Venture CxO Insights & UK Cyber Security Association. Loves dogs, heavy metal music. Is #ActuallyAutistic.
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Kundan (Danny) Bhattarai

Kundan shares his tips and experience living with ADHD through his blog and channel, ABCsofADHD
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Jackie Pilgrim

Jackie(advocate, public speaker, entrepreneur) founded Autism’s Love: The Pilgrimage, loves being a mom & bringing creativity into life, especially mental wellness. #ActuallyAutistic #SurvivorofLife
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Simon Needham

Tech & emotional support for Helen.
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