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Its time for neurodiversity - so neurodivergents don't need to battle, unnecessarily

A couple of weeks ago I dipped my toe into video blogging, here is a snippet from my first post when I ask why are so many neurodivergent people battling unnecessarily. Looking back at my life, I believe many of the battles in my life could have been avoided.

The more I listen to other peoples stories, the more I realise that many people are battling when they don't need to. Battling to fit in, to be educated, to be employed and to be supported in the workplace. None of these things need to be a battle.

If we (society) did more to embrace Neurodiversity, fewer people would need to battle unnecessarily. So I ask why are we not doing this, and call on people to add their voice to the call for Neurodiversity so that we can start to change the tide.

Here is my video post, from the point at which I talk about the battles Neurodivergent people face.

To watch the full video (all 18 minutes, yes I can talk for Britain), you can just scroll to the beginning.

So video posts, a yes or a no. I would love to know what you think, as am currently trying to work out whether to start including more video posts on Me.Decoded.

Don't forget I am looking for others to share their stories, so if you are interested then please get in touch.

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Helen is the originator and founder of Me.Decoded. A passionate advocate for Neurodiversity, - diagnosed as autistic in her 40's after a lifetime of feeling like she was on the outside looking in.
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