Embracing Neurodiversity

An amazing launch for Neurodiversity

What an amazing week, after the launch of Me.Decoded. We came into the week excited but worried that we would launch and no one would take notice. That our vision for helping to drive Neurodiversity, through the sharing of personal stories, would fizzle quicker than it took us to press the publish button.

How wrong we were.

As we reflect on the past week, we can't believe how much has happened in such a short space of time.

We have been contacted by people who are autistic, ADHD, bipolar, dyslexic, and OCD. We have been in touch with people who run charities providing mentorship and coaching to Neurodivergent people seeking employment, and have been thanked by parents of Neurodivergent children as they feel a little more hopeful about their children's future. Lastly we have been contacted by people in firms wondering about what they can do to better embrace Neurodiversity in the workplace.

This week Helen, Lisa and anonymous army guy (don't know what else to call an anonymous army person) shared their stories of life, diagnosis and work. Next week, we have two more stories lined up from a young Autistic nursery worker and someone who was diagnosed with ADHD-PI at the age of 28.

We also have a number of people working on their stories, and we are looking forward to more people getting in touch about sharing their stories. So if you know of anyone who might be interested (including yourself), please share the details of the site and encourage them to add to the growing voice that is Me.Decoded.

Thank you for helping Me.Decoded take flight, we are looking forward to what comes next week.

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