Q&A with Little Orphan Aspie

Little Orphan Aspie is a late-diagnosed female (she/her) whose mission is to try to make sense of life, and bring a little clarity into a confusing world. She enjoys writing, music, cats, reviewing books, movies and research, and also her neurodivergent friends on the Internet.

When were you diagnosed

In 2008. It was very hard as an older woman to find anyone. It took 6 months to even get a referral to a psychiatrist. Two months waiting, a month until the debriefing, and then 4 months to get something in writing. So just over a year from self Dx to official.

What was life like before you were diagnosed

Confused, ashamed, self hating. I felt like a failure at so many things.

Did anything change after your diagnosis? If so, what?

Of course, everything took years to reassess through a new lens. I’m a work in progress. I’m still finding a lot out, like inattentive ADD, dyspraxia, alexithymia.

What are the key challenges you face

Can’t detail these on a form....

What are your key strengths

Loyalty, compassion, fairness; people say I’m plucky and perseverant.

What, if any, are the key changes you would like to see in the world around you

Not just acceptance but true engagement in society. Easier, faster, affordable diagnosis for adults, especially the lost generation of women.

The removal of ASC from the DSM as it is not a mental illness. Help for the ageing NDs. Research that benefits us through the entire lifespan.

What does neurodiversity mean to you

It is the biodiversity of the brain. Everyone contributes to a better world. Different brains are vital.

What would you like the world to know about neurodiversity / any of the conditions that impact you

I don’t believe the neurodivergent are superior but we are necessary. In the two support groups I admin I believe that self diagnosis is also valid, as many women and non-binary adults may never obtain a Dx for several reasons.

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